About Me a Designer & Graphic Artist gone rogue.
I am an Austin, Texas based Graphic Artist , Laser cutter Designer and artist.

I work with a laser cutter using various materials to create art and home wall signs and home decor. I’m currently focusing on layered wooden wall hanging signs.

My love of typography has merged with my love of the laser cutter to allow me to create custom word signs, quotes, cutout wall hanging and art.

I love playing with shapes. My Favorite influences are the 80s Graphics, 60s Mod, and Art Deco. I attended the Colorado Institute of Art. I have also taken, video production, 3D animation, laser cutting and basic jewelry classes.

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*I only create artwork when I am in a good, happy mood.*

Recycled Wood
About the wood I choose to use.
75% of the materials I use are reclaimed.
I work with Plywood, MDF,  Masonite and Other Board Wood.
What is Masonite Wood?:
The recycled wood I use is formed using the method, in which wood chips are disintegrated by saturating them with 100 psi steam, then increasing the steam or air pressure to 400 psi and suddenly releasing them through an orifice to atmospheric pressure. Forming the fibers into boards on a screen, the boards are then pressed and heated to form the finished product with a smooth burnished finish. The original lining in the wood serves to bond the fibers without any added adhesive. Unlike other composite wood panels the wood I choose to uses nonformaldehyde based resins that are used to bind the fibers together.



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